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Be a part of Canada's largest walk dedicated to overcoming ovarian cancer. Unite with thousands of participants

and celebrate the women in your life. September 13, 2015 across Canada! Visit ovariancanada.org.

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Concerned about the BRCA gene mutations?

Buy this book and become empowered to trace your family history and evaluate how it could impact your present and future health.

Am I Next In Line? inspires those with a family history of cancer to confront the BRCA cancer gene that may be responsible for an increased breast and ovarian cancer risk. You will learn how one courageous woman reduced her genetic cancer risk by 90%.

“This book is a riveting personal journey into taking a proactive role in your health care. The story is poignant, uplifting and captures the emotional struggles and medical decisions faced by every woman who is told that she has a high risk for hereditary cancer. An important book with an important moral!”

Sue Friedman, DVM, Executive Director

FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered • Tampa, FL


Email: monique@adita.com



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Toll Free: (403) 295-8124

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